Photo Gallery: SVMS Girls Bake Treats to Help Friend

The two girls wanted to raise money for their friend battling cancer.

Scotts Valley Middle School students Shelby Capell and Lauren Emanuelson wanted to help a friend who was battling cancer so they came up with a plan. 

The two girls decided to have a bake sale and donate the money to their friend Emily. On July 18, they baked dozens of cookies, cupcakes and other treats and provided lemonade and punch. They raised over $100 from this sold out event for Emily. 

The girls wanted not only to generate awareness of Emily’s condition, but also provide support and inspiration for their friend to continue her fight.  They were delighted to donate the money to Emily as she continues to fight this devastating disease. 

Shelby and Lauren are grateful for the support and generosity from the Scotts Valley community and hope everyone enjoyed the treats.

--Patti Capell


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