Central Coast Ag Painting Tours China

The painting is owned by an Aptos couple.

A painting of local agriculture owned by Jess and Laura Brown of Aptos has been selected as one of a 100 paintings that are on a one year tour of China’s major museums. The exhibit is organized by the America China Oil painting League (ACOPAL). The painting, titled “Approaching Storm,” is by Pacific Grove artist Warren Chang.

The Exhibition, which first opened on Sept. 14 at the Beijing World Art Museum, is titled “Contemporary American Realism.” The opening was attended by the U.S. Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, among other dignitaries. Fifty-one American artists were chosen to submit work. The exhibit is the largest American realism painting exhibit in China’s history.

The paintings were carefully chosen from some of the best U.S. contemporary realism painters.

“We were honored that one of our paintings was chosen for the exhibition as it provides an opportunity for people in China to appreciate Warren Chang’s work and view a scene which depicts agriculture on the central coast of California” said Jess Brown, Executive Director, Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau.

ACOPAL's Inaugural Exhibition in China which opened this month at the World Art Museum in Beijing will continue on a tour to museums in Shanghai, Hunan, Guangdong and Sichuan. The Beijing World Art Museum is China's premier collection of world art, with exhibitions to the public and education about the state cultural institutions. The museum brings world civilization to the Chinese audience.

It is estimated that millions of people will view the artworks.

—Contributed by the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau


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