New Sandabs Restaurant Closed Due to Legalities

Owners Sandy and Scott Dexel are looking for another ideal location to start a restaurant.

After its much anticipated re-opening on July 5th, the new owners of Scotts Valley's beloved seafood restaurant, , had no other choice but to close just ten days into their new business. 

Scott and Sandy Dexel are a culinary power couple with a vision, and although they are greatly disappointed that an unforeseen snare in the contract could not be negotiated, they are hopeful they will find another new location for their restaurant.

"We definitely have an awesome fresh menu we want to run, and we have staff that is totally ready to do it," said Sandy Dexel.

Together, the Dexels have 42 years of restaurant experience, and own Kiss Catering in Scotts Valley.

Their vision for Sandabs was to make it less of a special-occassions-only restaurant and more of a local's hang out.

"It was a place you went on a date or special occasion so we made it more everyday friendly," said Scott Dexel.

He added half pound burgers, a couple steaks, vegetarian pastas, a rack of lamb on the weekends, and chicken to the former all-seafood menu, and brought the prices down a little too.

According to Sharolynn Ullestad, Executive Director of the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce, the restaurant was absolutely packed all night after the ribbon cutting on July 5th, and guests enjoyed the new and improved menu.

"We were sincerely disappointed that the Sandabs venture did not work out for Scott and Sandy.  But with their culinary expertise and friendly personalities, Scotts Valley will be well served once we find them a place to locate their restaurant here in our City. We are truly looking forward to it," said Ullestad. 

Scott Dexel is looking for the perfect location for a restaurant, and he'd like it to be in Scotts Valley, which he says could use a more locals-oriented joint.

"I'd like to put one in where when people walk in the door they're welcomed by their first name, not just 'Hi can I help you?' I'd like to really build a local clientele," said Scott Dexel.

Scott Dexel says he's worked in "every tourist trap in the county," from Severinos to the Shadowbrook to Stagnaro Bros, and he is ready to have his own. He dreams of a place like Cafe Cruz, where it's off the beaten path yet easy to get to, and where you only really go where "you don't find out about it unless you know about it."

Unfortunately, Sandabs was the perfect location with plenty of parking and visibility, and it took the Dexels six years to find it. 

For now, the couple continues to run Kiss Catering, cooking at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club, and patiently waiting for the right location to come along.

"When I find the location I'll know it," he said. 

Did you eat at the new and improved Sandabs before it closed? Tell us in the Comments!

Peking August 19, 2012 at 11:43 PM
This is the location, I think, of the great Hooked on fish which has been gone a long time. It was the best. If the new owners could recreate that restaurant then they would have a true success.


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