Vote No on SV Measure A

Again - another tax for Scotts Valley. Our local school leaders are out of control - Measure K (that we are still paying for) was recently passed along with a sales tax increase AND now taxpayers could potentially take on the burden of Measure A for 30 years!!! Even seniors that live in SV will not be exempt from this measure. This will not only increase your taxes for 30 years but prospective homebuyers may eventually be priced out of the local housing market because of the property tax rate. There is even the potential for rents to increase as landlords may elect to recoup the increase. It will be a matter of time before SV will not be that attractive little community to live because of higher taxes - eventually people will be forced out if the community continues to vote for tax increases every year. All property owners - please read your tax bill to check your assessed value to determine how much of an increase you will incur. This may cost homeowners upwards of 500. AND more for 30yrs!!! I urge a NO vote on Measure A - let’s stop the bleeding - NO MORE NEW TAXES!

Calvin May 15, 2014 at 04:42 PM
Hello, I'm a reporter with the Santa Cruz Sentinel. I'm working on a story about Measure A. Would like to talk to you about your views on Measure A. Call my office line: 831-706-3286. --Calvin Men
AgainstmeasureA May 29, 2014 at 04:46 PM
Remember to Vote No on Measure A - this will cost taxpayers hundreds of dollars every year for over 25 years - check your tax bill. This is a significant tax increase that applies to all SV residents and property owners. It is time for school administrators to find other ways to fund this type of project rather than just implementing another financial burden on taxpayers. Taxpayers should not feel pressured or bullied to approve this just because it's a school tax. No more new taxes and No on Measure A.


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