Fugitive ID Thief Caught in Watsonville

Jesse Jurado was arrested Thursday morning. He had been part of a large-scale identity theft ring in Santa Cruz County.

Almost two weeks ago, an arrest warrant was issued for in the county. 

Included in Jurado's recent crimes was the burglary of an 82-year-old woman's house. He later used her debit card at an ATM machine.

But Jurado's time on the run came to a close Thursday morning when he was arrested in Watsonville.

Around 10:30 a.m., an off-duty officer spotted Jurado driving on Green Valley Road near Dick Phelps Road. The officer followed Jurado, called dispatchers and directed an on-duty officer to his location, Sgt. Eric Taylor told Watsonville Patch.

"He had a small amount of marijuana on him, but he didn't resist arrest and there was no pursuit," Taylor said. "It was a pretty straightforward traffic stop and arrest."

Jurado's accomplice in identity theft, Hernan Coto, has not yet been arrested. 


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