Is Los Gatos Walgreen's Parking Lot Dangerous to Pedestrians?

A town resident was struck by a car the afternoon of Nov. 3 suffering minor injuries in front of busy 24-hour pharmacy on North Santa Cruz Avenue.

A driver in an Acura hit a pedestrian in front of Walgreen's, 423 No. Santa Cruz Ave., the afternoon of Nov. 3.

Now that accident has merchants in the busy shopping center wondering what can be done to prevent future accidents.

The pedestrian sustained minor injuries in the 1:18 p.m. accident, according to a Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police dispatcher.

The incident report says the vehicle crashed into a cement pole, which caused the car to smoke.

Ironically, patrons say, the Walgreen's is located almost across the street from the Department of Motor Vehicles offices, 600 No. Santa Cruz Ave.

"It's a nightmare. The parking is getting worse. If they can't park across the street at the Los Gatos Shopping Center, they drive around here dangerously," said a patron of the nearby bakery, who didn't want to be identified.

Another customer of the adjacent hair salon complained that she's been almost hit by cars trying to find parking spaces several times.

The area remains one of the most congested in town with Safeway nearby, Chase Bank, Starbucks and other high-traffic businesses across the street and Santa Cruz Avenue reporting several accidents such as fender-benders during the year.

Larry Arzie November 23, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Good idea Kit. The property owners and merchants should take responsibility for their over intensification and put attendants in the lots to protect themselves. But then if there is no parking I guess the cars will go into the residential neighborhoods and park. Who will protect the residents. Unintended consequences rule in Los Gatos.
Suzie Yoshihara November 23, 2012 at 11:08 PM
My car was hit in that lot too.
Don Wolf November 24, 2012 at 04:52 PM
When you mix pedistrians and cars you are going to have accidents. I do not feel the Walgreens parking lot is any different then the other parking lots. Besides that, in this accident it was reported that the car hit a concrete post. That indicates the driver lost control by his/her foot slipping off the brake pedal or getting confused. Thus, it sounds like the driver, who could have caused the accident anywhere.
Kit Menkin November 25, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Parking has always been a problem in Los Gatos that I can remember. The more restaurants, shops, businesses, real estate companies, also the more employees. Where do they park? Often on the street and move their car every two hours. Or most of the cars at Petco go to Starbucks next door, and now three small restaurants and Starbuck at Los Gatos. Very few park in the back as too far to walk, so they go to the Walgreen's lot and to the Petco Lot. Even Wells Fargo downtown had a parking cop for a long time. Perhaps merchants will need to add this to their cost of doing business in Los Gatos---rents are a lot cheaper than Santana Row or Valley Fair (sorry, still call it Valley Fair.) We used to have a train downtown---maybe that will help, or a trolley down Santa Cruz---and then there is the shopping area going at Blossom Hill and Los Gatos Blvd!!! Doesn't look like the internet is cutting into many businesses in our town.
Jeanne Rajabzadeh November 27, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Agreed. The parking lot attendant did help. The spaces are small and people seem to be in a hurry, thus not as careful as they should be.


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