Newark School Board Election Taken Off The November Ballot

Only three individuals filed election papers for the Newark Unified School District, meaning voters will not be able to cast ballots in the Newark Unified School Board race. Gary Stadler is the only person who filed for the race who is not an incumbent.

There will be no vote this fall in the Newark Unified School District Board of Education election.

That's because only three candidates filed for the three seats up for grabs on the Newark Unified School District race that was scheduled to appear on the Nov. 6 ballot.

And of those three individuals, parent and volunteer Gary Stadler is the only one who is not an incumbent.

Board President Ray Rodriguez and Board Vice President Jan Crocker, whose seats were set to expire in December, are the incumbents who filed for re-election. Incumbent Janice Schaefer, who is said to be school board’s longest standing member, did not file to run for re-election.

While there will be no election and Stadler's seat won't be official until he is sworn in, Stadler said enthusiastically Wednesday evening that he's excited.

“It’s an honor,” Stadler said. “I think we’re really, honestly, going to have a strong board now and a board that will take the district into the direction that it needs to go.”

Stadler – who was 747 votes shy of landing a seat on the school board in the 2010 elections – is no stranger to Newark Unified School District.

The 57-year-old has served Newark students in various capacities, including subbing as a school monitor at the high school and a yard duty at numerous elementary schools over the past several years.

He also played a key role in campaigning for – a $63 million bond passed by voters in November 2011 that will help pay for facilities upgrades in Newark Unified.

Stadler is also known around the district for his willingness to volunteer. This eagerness resulted in him being named 2007 School District Volunteer of the Year, according to Smartvoter.org.

And five years later, Stadler is still volunteering. He, along with other parents and Newark Memorial High School students, has devoted his summer vacation to inside of the high school’s Marine and Science Technology (MaST) Institute Center .

Although he only has one child in the school district, Stadler said he considers all of the students he assists his and that he is thrilled to serve their parents and the entire district as a school board member come January.

The official swear-in for Stadler will be held in early December. For more information about Newark Unified and its governing board, visit http://www.nusd.ca.schoolloop.com.


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Nadja Adolf September 22, 2012 at 06:32 AM
The big issue is will there be changes, or will it be the same old tradition of special favors for the families of friends of members of the board. I'd really like to see some serious work done at improving K-8 and vocational education, instead of demanding students meet the A-G standards when the district does not prepare them adequately for a high school general curriculum, let alone a college prep program.
Nadja Adolf September 22, 2012 at 06:35 AM
If governor Moonbeam's tax measure passes the schools still won't improve. I suggest you read the *complete text* of the measure and note that the money can be redirected for other purposes. Some that come to mind are the recently resurgent new and improved redevelopment, the high speed rail through the cow pastures, and some of the other goodies on the table. Expect to see the money diverted for social programs that appeal to the politicians and their biggest donors - the crony capitalists and the unions.
Nadja Adolf September 22, 2012 at 06:49 AM
Well, it seems Charles now loves him, which is a shock after his remarks during an election where he was concerned that Gary might replace an incumbent. I hope that some of the following will come to pass in the Newark district: - Better academic and disciplinary standards - can we quit treating those who punch a bully back as if they were the problem? - A year of English immersion for students who are not fluent in English. Better to spend a year learning English and graduate a year late than to not graduate at all. - Vocational education for those who are not interested in a four year university. - Recruiting parent volunteers to clean up the garbage strewn around the campuses; for years my husband and I made a point of cleaning up the used c*ndoms,, human feces, and broken bottles that accumulated in the Graham yard because how can children be expected to think education is important when their schoolyard is trashed and full of discarded party garbage and human feces? For years the playfield immediately behind our house was the site of drinking and other activities in the wee hours of the morning on warm weekends. From time to time gangsters sailed across our backyard evading each other; finally the school district decided to lock the gates at night - something they should have been doing before.
Nadja Adolf September 22, 2012 at 06:51 AM
People don't want to run for office in Newark because changes won't happen until we have enough candidates to make effective changes. Adding one or two new people to form a minority on the board or council won't make a difference.
Nadja Adolf September 22, 2012 at 06:52 AM
Oh, and we need to get serious about truancy. Did you know that California projects how many prison cells they will need in the future based on the level of truancy in the third grade? Apparently the Dept. of Corrections knows something the schools and the state education department don't know.


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