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Author, whole foods eating coach, natural wellness advocate
Author Elizabeth Borelli brings her extensive experience in natural wellness education and advocacy straight to the epicenter of the healthy lifestyle, the kitchen. In 2004 she founded the green-living online resource and retailer Nubius Organics, which paved the way for a journey of transformation which has spanned the past decade. The more she learned about green living, the more convinced Elizabeth became that the road to both personal and planetary health begins at home.
After completing her certification in Nutrition Fundamentals from Cornell University, she began her new book, Beanalicious Living. Recognizing that nine out of ten Americans consider themselves in good health, while diet-related disease rates continue to spiral out of control, Elizabeth’s goal was to create an approachable, well-researched exploration into the real deal on processed foods, nutrition labels, addictive additives and other non-obvious eye-openers. Borelli takes a lightly playful, yet highly practicable look at various factors responsible for this situation, then lays out a workable plan for incorporating more healthy, whole foods into your family’s regular eating regime while (most importantly) keeping your sanity intact. Visit my website at www.elizabethborelli.com.
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