Sue Nelson
It takes time to discover the best places to go, and I'm glad to tell you about the outdoor adventures that surround us in Scotts Valley and in our neighboring communities.   
I've been exploring this area for more than 20 years, and I'm still amazed by what's here. I have a degree in English from UC Berkeley, and have written for newspapers, magazines, schools, and community organizations.  During my ten years as a home educator, I organized field trips for a large support group and published a monthly newsletter about local educational activities.    After I graduated from Cal, I opened my mind to the idea that all of this incredibly complex world might have had a creator, and that Jesus might have been telling the truth about who that creator is.  I gained a new admiration for God, who made this place so much more beautiful than it actually needed to be.  This column will give you new ideas about where to go and remind you about places you've been meaning to go back to.  Let me know if you have some favorites that you'd like to read about!
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