Brook Knoll Shines at School's First Harvest Festival

The great fall weather made the event an enjoyable time for the whole community.

The summer-like weather in late October made for a big crowd at Brook Knoll School’s first Harvest Festival, held on Sunday, Oct. 28.  

With over 300 people in attendance, the crowd exceeded the expectations of PTA organizers, teachers and parents.

“We are ecstatic with this turnout”, said Shara Sheard, PTA President.    

The fun-factor was high with many showing up dressed in Halloween costumes, wearing smiles and just pleased to be a part of this day of fun on the school campus.  

The event included an assortment of carnival-style attractions with each class responsible for their own booth. The booths seen on campus were: Lolly Pop Toss, face painting by parent Jamie Haentjens, The Lucky Key, Knock the Cans Down, Rubber Ducky Race, Swoop the Hoop, Cake Walk, Ring Toss, Putt-Putt Golf, Fruit Bowling,  Balloon Darts, Tatoos, Marshmallow Launch and Find the Golden Pumpkin.

It was fun to watch so many kids enjoy themselves while taking turns contributing to the success of the day.

Congratulations to Devin from Mrs. Bagley’s kindergarten class who found the Golden Pumpkin. He was a happy winner of the golden pumpkin in addition to his very own pumpkin filled with candy and money.

Santa Cruz Shaved Ice provided the perfect treats on a hot day offering a variety of refreshing flavors while Jared Lewis prepared the food with his award winning BBQ. His dedication to the event shined bright as he camped out the night before on campus with his family to prepare the barbecued fare in the wee hours of the morning, just in time for the big day. 

Cotton Candy was provided by Whitings Food with Popcorn sold by Mrs. Patterson's 4th grade class. Cold drinks were also on hand.  

"It’s a fabulous day", said Principal Shar Santos.  “The attendance of families, volunteers and community members is the true reflection of the spirit at Brook Knoll Elementary School.”

The Harvest Festival was nothing shy of perfect to boost school morale. “We really wanted this day to focus on fun instead of fundraising”, said VP of PTA, Brian Ruf.  “It’s important to continue to have fun events like this for the kids.”

Everyone who volunteered and helped with the Harvest Fair deserves much praise for all of their hard work. Great memories were made today and the school will be looking forward to next year’s event!  


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